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I’ve been working on a video game for the ...five years, actually, that it’s been on the back burner.
But it has been under active development for the past year...
past year
and it is nearing the A beta release enables potential users to test the software before it goes live.beta release stage.

So I figure it’s time for some screenshots :

The original goal was just to be able to play a one-off sudoku variant that I read about and thought would be fun.

(Turns out it is.)

The honeycomb motif was the first thing to come to mind when originally designing it — hence the bees and flowers and fruits.

Another early design element was to have None of that “Beetles” or “Gaga” hippie crap.
We want trancey position music with a mellow beat.
really good music
playing. All stuff that people might not have heard before. All part of the in-the-zone relaxation vibe I’m going for.

A primary design goal was to not dial out for anything. I can’t stand click-baity ad-imbibed games like you usually find on Google Play and the App Store.

I had to unbend a little for Leaderboards let you compete with other people (like your friends).leaderboards, which my friends have pretty strongly convinced me are a good idea. But you can still opt-out and just track your own scores.

You’d be surprised how much goes into non-gameplay things like leaderboards and help and “about” screens and translations to other languages and stuff. It’s about as much work as the game itself!

Beta testers

Look, I won’t lie. Beta-testing isn’t all fun and games — you’ve got to write an essay:

  1. Try to break the game. If you do:
    1. How did you do it?
    2. What happened?
    3. How did you fix it?
    4. Can you do it again?
  2. Is the functionality relatively obvious? If not:
    1. What tripped you up?
    2. How would you do it differently?
  3. If you are fluent in a foreign language:
    1. Are there any errors to correct in the current languages? (List them)
    2. Do you want to contribute an additional language?
    (Remember, some pedantic language is intentional. Use the English version for reference. If you make corrections or supply a new translation I will put your name in the credits.)
  4. Did you use the leaderboards?
    1. Describe your experience: what worked, what didn’t work or confused you, etc.
    2. If you used multiple devices did you have any trouble tracking your progress?
    (I encourage you try using the Facebook login. You’ll get to compete with other beta testers.)
  5. How much would you Of course as a beta tester you get it for free!charge for the game?
    (Remember, this thing comes with no ads and it cost me money to make! How much is this worth to you?)

If you still think Get to play a cool new game
and help shape the final result!
beta testing
would be fun, let me know!

And remember, if I didn’t personally invite you to beta, please don’t be offended. You’re still my friend and I still like you. My brain just goes on unannounced vacations a little too often these days and I miss stuff.

Alas, currently only Android users can beta test.

I know! Boooo!

Don’t worry, though. Once Septoku! is up and running in the Play Store I will begin the iOS release cycle, for which beta testers will also be needed.

Wow. Blogging takes a lot of effort. Maybe next time I’ll just draw a picture.

In the meantime, here’s one that Randall Munroe drew:

This is how I explain computer problems to my cat. My cat usually seems happier than me.

Until next time