MineMonster is an improved clone of Microsoft Minesweeper.

It has the following advantages

Functions removed




MineMonster installer 553K
Run to install.
Use the Windows Control Panel → Uninstall Program to uninstall.

Help Is Dead

Alas, this was written back when Windows XP was still strong, and the documentation is in WinHlp32 format (.hlp). If you want to be able to read it, you’ll need to install WinHlp32, which Microsoft would like to see disappear. Your options are:

There is, as of this writing, no version yet available for Windows 10. Your options are limited to Help Explorer Viewer, which is a 3rd party program, or simply grabbing the WinHlp32 program off an old copy of XP. (I’d offer it, but that is forbidden by MS redistribution terms.)

Frankly, though, you can live without the help documentation for this program. (It’s pretty self-explanatory.)


This program was written in 2006, and was available on the net back then for a short while. These days, Microsoft has released a new version of MineSweeper that looks a lot like MineMonster. (I fully believe this is coincidental — MineMonster’s updates were all very obvious improvements to the old MineSweeper.)

I still like MineMonster better than MS’s latest version of MineSweeper. :O)

— Michael